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Learn about personal computers and the features on those computers you can use to help keep children safe online. Also learn about features that allow you to control what children can and cannot do on the computer, and how you can limit the time they can spend on the computer. Computers means laptops, desktop computers, Microsoft Windows based, Apple Mac etc.

Family Safety Review – Windows 8

A comprehensive review of Family Safety on Windows 8. We test the computer use time restrictions, curfew settings. We examine the choices for web filtering, examine where these impact, and also consider the interaction of Family Safety with Safe Search technologies offered by major search engines. We look at the strengths and weaknesses of Family Safety, and give our opinion on how useful it is in the quest to improve internet safety for children.

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Set Up Family Safety on Windows 8

Learn about the parental controls provided by Family Safety on Windows 8, how you can use these parental controls to help promote a safer internet experience for children in your care. Understand how to control the games and applications kids and young people can use, limit their computer time to a set allowance, or ensure they are only able to use the computer at pre-defined times. Learn how to block access to specific websites or how to set up an allow list of sites that you would like them to access.

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Creating User Accounts for Children in Windows 8

Learn how to set up multiple user accounts for children in your care on a windows 8 computer. Understand why this is an important step in using parental controls effectively, and how creating individual user accounts helps you to set up different restrictions for each child that uses the computer. This is also handy if you use a computer for work and want to prevent the kids from filling the machine up with junk games, downloads and so on.

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